Branford’s new restaurant: Home

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Jared Schulefand to help him reinvent the interior space of his new restaurant on Branford’s Main Street.  Home serves home style food (mac n cheese, salads, burgers, pasta, meatballs), elevated to a level that goes beyond what most home chefs can create.  Chef Mike’s pasta is made from scratch; he roasts his own beets.  The food is so, so, so good, I highly recommend you try it.  And while you are there, check out my photographs in the living room and dining room!  A few of the photos on the walls in the living room (a casual space with couches, perfect for having drinks or even your whole meal casual-style):


In the dining room, a slightly more formal space, Jared wanted to honor the town of Branford that its residents love so passionately.  On the walls are photographs of Branford’s town and shore:

It was a great project, so happy to be a part of it, guys!

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