Sun Joy’s “Frozen” litter

Connecticut animal photography, dog portraits, Portuguese Water Dog photography

I am so lucky to get to photograph puppies as part of my job!!!  Aaaaa!!!  Look at these adorable pups, just over 3 weeks old, who were so cuddly and interested in human contact that they would actually fall asleep on the 20 ft walk from their den to the couch where we were doing the photos, usually after snuggling into my neck.  It was amazing!!  These are one of my girls’ half brothers (n=5) and sisters (n=2), sharing Hallie as their mom (you can see her checking on one of her pups in the black and white photo; after that, he decided to check out my bag :)).  She is a wonderful mother to them, so sweet and attentive!  Enjoy the puppy fix :).


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