Lazarus, Arlo, & Diesel

Connecticut pet photography, New Haven County dog portraits

On Wednesday I got to meet this crew, a family of five–two people, three big dogs (and a friend of theirs who kindly came to help).  The dogs were excited, but so well behaved–you can tell how strong their connection is to their people by the way they listen to them, and look to them for cues: how to behave, whether something is safe.  It’s a special kind of person who adopts a dog who may not have long to live, which is the case with Arlo; though you wouldn’t know it from his wonderful disposition and joyful exuberance!  Diesel (brown/white) LOVES the ball, so we have lots of shots of him waiting intently for his mom to toss it.  And it’s his birthday today, happy birthday, Diesel!  Arlo (German shepard) has the sweetest eyes, and is being inducted as an honorary Hamden Police dog on Monday (his mom has a bucket list for him: amazing).  And Lazarus is such a love, so I wanted to capture some shots of the affection going both ways–scratches by his mama, kisses for her in return.  Thanks for a great session, guys!


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