Engagement photo sessions: should you have one?

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Congratulations on your engagement!  This is such an exciting time for you as a couple, and one of the questions I get from Connecticut couples is: should we schedule an official engagement photo session with a pro photographer?

For many couples, the answer is an immediate yes!  They know they want these photographs to document their new status as an engaged pair.  But you may have a few lingering doubts about whether it is worth it, and here’s my professional two-cents that may help dispel some of them!  (Because spoiler alert: I believe that you will absolutely LOVE having these photos!!!).

I’m so awkward/my partner is so awkward in front of the camera.

Oh, I understand this one!!!  Although it may not seem that way when you browse social media, MOST PEOPLE feel awkward and shy around cameras.  But this is where a professional photographer can turn everything around.  We know how to pose you, how to relax you, and how to show your best side.  Our expertise is not just about how cameras function – it’s about how people function!  Look for a photographer who confidently expresses their ability to get you to be comfortable with the session.  Personally, I love engagement sessions that involve an activity, because we can chat and get to know each other as we walk, explore, etc. and you can ease into the session – which I guide you through the entire time.  This is excellent practice for your wedding day, too!


We’ll have wedding photos anyway.  Do we need these photos also?

Engagement session photos are COMPLETELY different from wedding photos.  In engagement sessions with my Connecticut couples, typically we will all wear jeans or casual clothes; we’ll do something fun together (like hiking in Guilford or getting ice cream in New Haven or visiting a tree farm in Hamden), and I’ll do my very best to get you to laugh – a lot :-).  This is a very relaxed, fun, and casual 1-2 hour session that leaves you feeling like you can totally do this on your wedding day, too – when there are lots of other people around and the timeline is a bit more fixed!


What will we do with these photos?  Aside from holding on to them as a memory of your pre-married life, you will find so many uses for your engagement photos.  Here are a few:

    • announce your engagement on social media
    • print and frame some of your favorites for holiday and birthday gifts for your parents and grandparents
    • print a wedding guest book
    • use on your wedding website
    • print and frame your favorite for your walls
    • create thank-you notes for engagement gifts or parties


Have I convinced you that these super fun sessions are worth it?  Click here to see more photos of engagement sessions and weddings in New Haven County and how fun they can be!  And if you’re still not sure, drop me a line to talk about it more!  And I hope you have fun with your wedding planning – and with your engagement photo session!


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