Discover The 4 Top Options for a Pediatric Dentist in Guilford, CT!

Watch any cartoon or kid’s TV show, and you’ll likely see the dentist portrayed as something (or someone) scary and maniacal. Clearly, those TV writers have never experienced a visit to a pediatric dentist! Pediatric dentists undergo extra training to learn how to care for growing smiles, and they are experts in making a trip to the dentist a positive, fun experience. Find the best pediatric dentist in Guilford, CT for you to consider for your family! 

Caring for Growing Smiles With A Pediatric Dentist in Guilford, CT

Shoreline Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Kate Glazer at Shoreline Children’s Dentistry is a mom herself, and she knows that her young patients are so much more than just “little adults.” She and her staff have worked hard to make dentistry as fun as it is effective. Hence, they have a welcoming waiting room and perks like TVs mounted to the ceilings in the treatment rooms. 

When kids are at ease, instilling the importance of proper dental care and hygiene is simple! And, as a parent, you can trust that Shoreline Children’s Dentistry will be available for your family whether you’re visiting for maintenance and preventative care or a dental emergency. There’s a reason that Connecticut Magazine has named Dr. Kate a Top Dentist every year since their practice was founded! 

A toddler lays across a bed by a window reading the back of a book

Pediatric Dentistry Associates

Pediatric Dentistry Associates strives to provide the friendliest and most positive experience for every family they serve. Friendly, caring staff prioritize professionalism and kindness and handle every phone call and visit. Their board-certified pediatric Dentists, Dr. Amy O’Callaghan, Dr. Mike Pawlowski, and Dr. Nadia Gabriel, offer personalized dental care for infants through teenagers, including children with special needs. 

They approach every interaction with a patient as if tending to a friend, getting to know each child and earning their trust before exams and treatment. After all, they aim to provide every patient with a positive, cheerful experience where kids feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Guilford Smiles

Guilford Smiles knows that kids aren’t born with a natural fear of the dentist and that a lot of their apprehension comes from fear of the unknown. That’s why they make special efforts to make every appointment pleasant, simple, and educational to put smaller patients at ease. 

Their family-friendly environment allows Dr. Petrick and Dr. Katz to get to know their patients as individuals. The doctors and staff stay up-to-date with technology and industry trends. They also invest their time and resources into the community they serve. 

A mom sits on a bed by a window reading to her toddler in her lap after visiting a pediatric dentist guilford ct

Friedler Dental Group

Friedler Dental Group uses a gentle, caring touch to give children a positive experience with the dentist every time they visit. The majority of their hygienists are mothers who understand the importance of putting little ones at ease and know how to comfort nervous children. 

Furthermore, Friedler Dental Group can provide expert care for your child’s smile, from routine cleanings and exams to more intricate circumstances. They can also provide dental services for children and adolescents with special needs. 

Pediatric Dentist Guilford, CT

These amazing pediatric dentists in Guilford, CT know how to make going to the dentist a positive, if not fun, experience. Do a little research on their websites to see if one could fit your family, and book an appointment! Help your child learn to love taking care of their beautiful smile. 

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