Melissa & Flick

Connecticut horse portraits, Equine photography in New Haven County

Melissa is the owner of Blackhorse Equestrian Center, and it is safe to say that everything I’ve learned about riding and horses, I’ve learned from her.  Admittedly, it’s not all that much yet :), but I’m enjoying my lessons so much (as is my son) because Melissa’s breadth and depth of knowledge is so vast.  Many of you know how much I love to talk about animal personalities, and Melissa is great for this too, as she knows every horse at her barn–the horses she owns, the lesson horses, the boarders–inside and out, forelock to tail.  She chose Flick for her photos, though I have lots of photos of in and around the barn, too–a post for another day.  Flick looked so beautiful in the fading light, and it was great fun for me to watch Melissa’s interaction with both him and her dog Tyler–who is basically busting at the seams with personality (doesn’t he look like he is chewing on a piece of straw, cowboy-style, in the next-to-last photo?).  I think he’s going to need his own photo session ;).  Enjoy!


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