Kim and Brian are married :)

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Kim and Brian had a perfect wedding day.  They were surrounded by the love of family and friends, on a beautiful hilltop overlooking Hartford, with perfect weather and an almost full moon once the sun set.  Kim thought she would be nervous, and that Brian would be completely calm, but they reversed roles for their wedding day–Kim was actually so peaceful as she got ready with the help of her mom, her twin, and her cousins!  Brian said he was nervous but it didn’t show; he had a huge smile on his face, especially as he watched Kim walk down the aisle with her parents on either side.  I love photographing these two, as they are so sweet to each other and obviously meant for each other.  Of course I was tearing up (multiple times: ceremony, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance…) and hoping it wouldn’t stop me from getting spot-on focus ;).  There was lots of festive dancing, many hugs, and even a wish lantern, which they released over the hills after it got dark.  Thank you for letting me in to document it all, guys–it was truly such a pleasure!

Kim and Brian blog post

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