Melissa and Brad get hitched! :)

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as calm about wedding planning and preparation as Melissa was.  I see her every week because she’s my riding instructor, so we would chat about wedding details now and then, and it sounded more like she was preparing for a Sunday dinner with a few friends and family than a beautiful, unique wedding on the field by their barn followed by a party at Lighthouse Point Park.  There were so many wonderful details…a purple theme, as you can see, but also the rings on Tyler’s collar (Melissa and Brad’s incredibly cute and well-behaved pup, who stood by them the entire afternoon and night); Melissa’s white cowboy boots; the flowers woven into Kiara’s mane; the delicious Thai food, served family-style; purple and white cupcakes, stacked high, in the shape of a tiered cake.  And then the moments–Melissa riding down to the ceremony on one of her horses, her train draped across the horse’s back; a beautiful tribute to Brad’s recently passed mom, who everyone so clearly loved; Tyler making a little pre-nap circle right on Melissa’s train and plopping down as the ceremony ended; carousel rides for everyone at Lighthouse Point.  And of course the love–Melissa and Brad have been together for no less than 15 years, engaged for 8, and they have built a home and business together at Blackhorse Equestrian Center, a place that feels like home to anyone who becomes a part of the community (as evidenced by many students in attendance, some even in the wedding party).  It was an honor to document their day.  Melissa and Brad, I wish you all the best!

Melissa and Brad blog post

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