In the garden

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I LOVE photographing two year olds :).  This little girl, besides her off-the-charts cuteness, had such a wonderful way of connecting with me and the camera.  We spent most of our time exploring their yard and beautiful garden, picking vegetables and berries (she’s holding a cherry tomato in one photo, a cucumber in a few others, and eating fresh-picked blueberries in another :)).  Dad took her for a ride in their wheelbarrow, and mom helped her climb a ladder to peek over the fence.  Don’t let her pretty white dress fool you–this little girl is an explorer, attuned to all things in nature and fearless when it comes to trying something new and getting her hands dirty.  She started to get sleepy at the end, so we went inside their beautiful 1700’s home for a little reading and music time.  Thank you for a great session, you guys!  I hope you enjoy the photos, many more to come!

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