Mom & her boys

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It may look like there are three bodies in these photos, but in fact there were several hundred in *every* photo, if you count the swarming beach flies that tagged along for the entire session! 🙂  I left them in two of the backlit photos, as proof!  These guys were incredibly good sports about it, and we had a great time together walking in the marshy areas near the Audubon Center in Milford.  As this mom said, it is true that sometimes people stop photographing their children when they enter the teenage years, but why?  They are still growing and changing, and your connection with them isn’t any less important.  I loved how goofy these boys were (you should see some of the poses they took for the camera ;)), while also so loving with their mom.  I couldn’t stop thinking that one day my boys will be 15 and 18!  Enjoy your preview guys, lots more to come!


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