Ellie’s Bat Mitvah

Connecticut Bat Mitzvah photography, New Haven Bat Mitzvah

Congratulations to beautiful Ellie, whose smile throughout her Bat Mitzvah ceremony lit up the entire room.  She sang and recited with such poise and spirit, and the love she gave out to the room came right back at her tenfold.  Her parents threw her a celebration party that was fitting for a young woman with such light and kindness in her heart.  When you see her with her little sister and brother, you know what I mean: she puts others before herself, and she loves her family and friends so wholeheartedly.  The first fifteen photos below give you a sense of the day; then keep going to see more detailed photos of the celebration from start to finish!  It was truly a fantastic night, with incredible food, entertainment for the kids (basketball, games, a photo snow globe, skee ball, and it goes on!), and dancing like you have never seen!  There was no stop to it: the DJs and dancers and MC had the guests going at such a high level until midnight, I had a hard time not dancing myself!  Kudos to Monique Banks for creating a truly luxurious party room at Mishkan Israel, which was completely transformed.  Her team is incredible and the night was one of absolute pampering for their guests.  A shout out to my friend and fellow photographer Robin Dini, who helped me capture this night!  A. family, may Ellie’s life be full of the kind of love and celebration we all were a part of this incredible night!  Thank you for trusting me to capture it!!



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