Look at this beautiful little lady!!! She’s a 9 week old Havanese and she instantly won this entire breed over for me. She was beyond cute – obviously, is there a 9 week old puppy on the planet who isn’t? – but she also had an amazing personality (see photo 1) and such a spark in her eyes. She walks with her tail and chin in the air because she KNOWS she’s that cute, and her run is….amazing. Especially on wood floors, where it’s hard to brake ;). She is super smart, too, and although she gave me an incredibly warm welcome, when her mom and brother left the room for a minute to grab a pair of shoes, she watched them go and gave them a little check-in bark as if to say: you know you’re leaving me with a stranger? I didn’t want to tear myself away. If you are getting a puppy, take photos when they are little!!! They change even faster than human babies do :).

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