Why I love golden hour!

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You’ve probably heard photographers talk about the golden hour, the hour before sunset when the light can create beautiful gold tones everywhere.  There’s so much to love about that light.  How the camera is positioned relative to the sun and the subject being photographed has a huge effect on how the image turns out; I backlight my subject if I want a hazy, warm glow, with every strand of hair illuminated; I sidelight my subject when I want to create dramatic light and dark areas in the image.  Once the sun gets low enough in the sky (or, once it is somewhat obstructed by something like trees), I might front-light my subject, meaning have them look directly into the light, with me facing them directly.  One of the results of scheduling your session for this time of day is the variety of photos that we can create in just a short amount of time.  I think I like blue hour even MORE than golden hour – the bit of time AFTER the sun goes down, before it becomes completely dark.  Suddenly the light is much more even, you can face the lightest part of the horizon directly without squinting, and the feeling can become moody in such a wonderful way.  Below is a sampling of photos from a 30 minute golden hour session with this lovely family, and you’ll see how the light changes from the first photo to the last. 🙂  The last two were taken just after the sun dipped below the horizon.  Enjoy!

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