Should we include grandparents in our photo session?

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Connecticut grandparent photo sessions

This blog post has a very simple pitch: why not invite your parents or in-laws to join you in your next photo session?  Or schedule your next session for a time when they will be visiting?  Here are a few reasons why I think it’s important:

  1. Specialness factor:  If you’re lucky enough to have the kids’ grandparents in their lives, you probably have lots of photos on your phone of daily moments and birthday dinners (and hopefully some videos, too!!).  But including them in a professional photo session ensures that there are beautiful photographs of them with the kids that will last forever, and be passed along from one generation to the next.  The photos I have of myself with my grandparents I absolutely treasure.

Connecticut grandparent photo sessions

2. Looking their best:  We all are guilty of being too critical of how we look in photographs, especially those taken on the fly.  If grandparents know they will be photographed, they may get their hair done or dress in a way that they are more likely to be happy with.

Connecticut grandparent photo sessions

3. Frameable photos:  Professional photos look beautiful on walls.  Take some for your walls or the kids’ dressers that your children will get to see every day, especially if the grandparents live far away.

Connecticut grandparents holding baby

4. Love and appreciation:  Including the grandparents in a family photo session is a way to show love and appreciation to your parents and in-laws for everything they do for you.  It also is a concrete way to thank them for the role they play in your children’s lives.

Grandparents and grandkids photo

I don’t have a limit on the number of people in a session, nor do I charge extra for additional family members.  If you have siblings who want to join in too, I’m all for it!!!  Then you can split the session fee, and everyone will have photos they treasure.  And during the big family session I can of course take photographs of your nuclear family too!  Connecticut grandparent photo sessions are some of my favorite sessions of all time.

Connecticut grandparent photo sessions: big family gathering

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