Explore the Best Playgrounds in CT With Your Little Ones

A great playground should never be underestimated. With equipment and layouts designed just for kids, they can be the perfect space to burn off energy, encourage imagination, and make some new friends! But not all playgrounds are created equally; some stand out above the rest as inclusive, accessible spaces that offer extra peace of mind for parents. Here are some of the best playgrounds in CT that are perfect for a day out in the fresh air in any season! 

5 of the Best Playgrounds in CT with Creative Designs & Endless Fun

Bodie’s Place Playground

725 North St.

Milford, CT

Bodie’s Place Playground is a fully accessible space where kids of all abilities can come together to play. It has accessible equipment, sensory activities, and large open spaces. The playground is entirely fenced in, giving parents peace of mind as their kids run around and play. 

Plus, there are two separate playscapes, one for toddlers and the other for bigger kids. Bodie’s Place has a variety of swings for everyone to use, a sandbox, a big covered picnic area, and restrooms nearby. 

A mother sits in one of the best playgrounds in CT with her three kids sitting all over her and kissing her cheek

Kids in Motion Playground

520 South Main Street

Cheshire, CT

Kids in Motion serves as another fully fenced-in playground offering equipment for every kid. They have a huge playscape with epic slides and climbing equipment for older kids. Younger visitors will love the smaller equipment with slides, bridges, and ladders just for them. 

There’s also an expansive ropes course in the back of the playground where kids can challenge their balance skills. Kids in Motion also has fun music-making equipment, seesaws, and rock climbing – there’s truly something for everyone to explore!

A young toddler girl in a yellow sweater picks a dandelion in one of the best playgrounds in CT at sunset

Pease Place Community Playground

160 Pease Rd

Woodbridge, CT

Pease Place Community Playground was the passion project of two moms dreaming of a place where all children can play together. Today, nearly ten years later, Pease Place, one of the best playgrounds in CT, has much to offer its visitors. 

There are great climbing playscapes for big and little kids, though the big kid structure has a three-level structure with a cool, contemporary treehouse on the top level. There are also musical instruments, merry-go-rounds, a basketball court, and many other attractions!  

A father stands in one of the best playgrounds in CT at sunset laughing and playing in a red sweater with his young toddler in his arms

The Hannah’s Dream Playground in East Shore Park

Woodward Ave.New Haven, CT

The Hannah’s Dream Playground has two great playspaces: one for kids ages 5 – 12 and the other for kids ages 2 – 5. The one for smaller kids reflects the inside of a rocket ship, which little imaginations love. 

In addition to various swings, a large sandbox, and great climbing structures, nearby open fields are great for running wild or playing a game of tag. 

A young girl in a white sweater hides under mom's beige sweater while standing in a park at sunset

Josh’s Jungle All Abilities Playground

2875 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT

Josh’s Jungle is an amazing playground inspired by a dream of a place where kids with wheelchairs and kids without can play together side by side. As a result, this playground has plenty of opportunities for kids of all abilities to play, laugh, and engage. 

A system of ramps connects all of the structures, and the playground’s surface is synthetic padding, great for tumbles, strollers, and wheelchairs. In addition to their great play equipment, they also have plenty of shady picnic areas surrounding, so you can grab a seat and keep an eye on your kiddo!

Best Playgrounds in CT

The inclusivity, creative design, and imagination of these parks make these some of the best playgrounds in CT. Don’t live nearby? Make a day trip out of it! Your kids will love playing somewhere new, and you’ll love the quiet in the car on the way home. 

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