A Parent’s Guide to Finding Reliable Babysitters in Connecticut

As parents, we may think we can do it all – but the truth is that even Super Parents need a night off from time to time. Whether it’s a date night, an evening class, or just after-school care, having the right caregiver to help support your household and keep your kids safe is the ultimate not-so-secret weapon. While sometimes a teenage neighbor is the right fit for what you need, there may be times when you need someone a bit more professional and reliable to help you take care of your family. Here are some resources from your local family photographer to help you find professional babysitters in Connecticut!

Don’t Stress Over Date Night Again With These 3 Teams of Babysitters in Connecticut 

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Nannies As Needed

Nannies as Needed, or NAN, is Connecticut’s premier babysitters service, having helped over 1,700 families since 2003. The organization was created by a mom, Margie Royster, who was struggling to find reliable childcare for her own kids on a consistent basis. After searching bulletin boards and using references from friends, she decided to open her own business as a service to other families in her community. Today, over twenty years later, NAN has a database of professional, qualified babysitters who have been thoroughly screened through their extensive interview process. They take the time to understand the unique dynamics of every family before carefully matching you with a babysitter who will be a great fit. Whether you need short-term or long-term care for infants or pre-teens, they’ll have a sitter who can deliver exactly what you’re looking for! 

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Yale Babysitting & Tutoring

Here in New Haven, there is a huge community of Yale faculty, staff, and students. Yale offers plenty of perks for Connecticut families, including a directory of babysitters who are also current Yale students. Anyone with a Yale NetID can create a job posting on the Yale Babysitting & Tutoring website. Or you can simply view available sitters and tutors. It’s important to note, however, that the sitters are not trained or vetted by Yale; the only requirement to be listed on their website is that they are a current Yale student.

Some sitters and tutors may have extensive childcare experience and education. Others may only have experience tutoring in an informal setting. So be sure to do your own research, check references, and conduct your own interviews! If someone in your family has a Yale NetID, log on for yourself and post a job opening. Or simply browse listings of caregivers. See if you can find someone who would be a great fit for your family. 

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Fairfield University is another local institution with a resource to connect Connecticut students with families in need of babysitters. They have created a free database of students who are interested in providing babysitting services in the greater Fairfield area. With hundreds of students on the list, you can sort through information by gender, major, access to transportation, experience, availability, and much more. All you have to do is request a copy, and the list will be sent to you within 48 hours. Similarly to the Yale database, FUSA’s babysitters have not been background-checked or interviewed by the school. They have only volunteered their information. So be sure to hold your own interviews and reference checks to ensure you confidently choose a sitter! 

Babysitters Connecticut

Check out these resources for finding babysitters in Connecticut to find a caregiver that’s the right fit for your family! Whether you’re looking for a full-time nanny or a one-night gig, the right sitter is closer than you think.

From one busy mom to another, I understand having to balance a thousand things at one time. So often, we’re moving so fast we can’t actually enjoy this stage. Unfortunately, these years tend to fly. As a photographer, I love helping parents freeze time. I want you to hang onto these unique moments long after your kids grow up. If you’ve been thinking about booking a photo session for your family, then I would love to chat. Contact me today!

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