3 Midwives in Connecticut To Advocate for Your Birth Plan

I know this isn’t exactly a surprise, but birth is a pretty major event. It makes sense that we all want a say in what this experience looks like for us. If you are someone who has a perfectly crafted plan for your delivery, the very first step is to find a midwife who understands your style. Not only are they going to make sure you stay safe throughout your delivery, but they can also spend all the time they need with you to ensure you have all the information you need to make your birth plan a reality. Here are some of the best midwives in Connecticut to be your advocate.

Check Out These Incredible Midwives In Connecticut When Building Your Birth Team

WHA Midwives

46 Prince Street, Suite 408, New Haven, Connecticut 06519

WHA Midwives is a Connecticut practice with roots stretching back to 1980. While the founder, Dr. Marshall Holley, has since retired, the current midwives work hard to keep the original mission going. They have partnered with Yale Medicine to provide you with unparalleled assistance. The practice assists with deliveries at Yale-New Haven Hospital, a medical center with hydrotherapy tubs and showers, as well as alternative pain management options. Because of their affiliation, they are able to work with patients of most risk levels and will ensure you never have to deal with interventions you don’t need. 

A newborn baby sleeps in mom's hand thanks to midwives connecticut

CT Coastal OBGYN

136 Sherman Ave, Suite #502, New Haven, Connecticut 06511

CT Coastal OB-GYN is a midwife practice with five locations across Connecticut. The center uses the Yale New Haven Hospital – York Street Campus for all their prenatal care. While the center is able to give you their full attention, they have access to all the technology of a major hospital to ensure you receive all the care you need. Your midwife will help you create the perfect birth plan and give you tips on preparing your body for labor. On top of their prenatal appointments, the center offers midwifery gynecological care for every season of life. 

A newborn baby lays on a pad while reaching into the air

Family Midwifery

124 Main Street, Deep River, Connecticut 06417

Family Midwifery offers family-centered care that empowers you to take charge of your health. They care for the whole person, checking on your progress as well as your emotional and mental state. They offer different packages for care and can assist with both home and hospital births. If you decide to do a Connecticut home birth, their midwives will work with you to ensure your space is ready for delivery. All the midwives are exceptionally compassionate and will be there with you through every step, from preconception counseling to postpartum support. 

These Midwives In Connecticut Will Guide And Support Your Dream Birth Journey

You deserve to have a birth plan that works for you. With these Connecticut midwives, you’ll have the tools you need for your ideal experience! 

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