Doulas in Connecticut: Your Guide to a Supportive Birth Experience

We all have those people in our lives who always seem to have the very best advice. Maybe they’re the ones who have helped you as you made major life decisions or even just stuck by your side as they talked you out of cutting your own bangs. When it comes to planning for your birth, it’s pretty helpful to have a person like that around. That’s exactly what doulas are for! These patient and wise experts will help you with everything from choosing your birth experience to empowering you to listen to your intuition. Here are some of the best doulas in Connecticut to consider for your delivery. 

Empower Your Birth Experience With These Expert Doulas In Connecticut

Empowered Beginnings

3074 Whitney Avenue, 1st Floor, Suite 211, Hamden, Connecticut 06418

Empowered Beginnings really does live up to its lofty name! This incredible center has a reputation for helping moms through that tricky first season of parenthood. You can find Connecticut lactation consultants, therapy services, free support groups and doulas. They offer several options for their doula services and will help you find the one that works best for you. Following delivery, you can hire a postpartum doula and build the right package for your family. No matter what you choose, this group is going to make sure you feel completely supported. 

A mother kisses her sleeping newborn baby in dad's arms

The Lotus Doula Group

The Lotus Doula Group is a Black-owned business that was opened by Jessica, a doula who is passionate about advocating for new Connecticut mothers. Jessica believes in bringing equity to the birth world. She knows all the challenges the BIPOC community has historically faced in the industry, and she wants to provide every new parent with the care they deserve. For her birth doula services, you will have 1-3 prenatal visits as well as unlimited birth support. She assists with hospital, home, and birthing center births. Following your delivery, she can be there as a postpartum doula. She can help you out with newborn care, sibling care, feeding support, light housekeeping, and more. 

A father leans over for a kiss on his newborn baby's head as it sleeps in mom's arms with their dog on a bed thanks to doulas connecticut

Within Motherhood

Within Motherhood is a center that was opened by Robin Dini, a mother of three who loves helping parents write their own birth stories. Robin is dedicated to preparing parents for every aspect of caring for a newborn. Her prenatal services include helping you create a birth plan, working with you to find birthing classes, and providing referrals for lactation consultants. She can even help you set up the perfect nursery! Robin is here for every kind of birth and will make sure your voice is prioritized. Following delivery, she can work as a postpartum doula. With these Connecticut doulas’ services, she will encourage you, give you advice, and ensure you get the rest you so desperately need. 

You Will Love The Guidance And Support From These Doulas In Connecticut

Getting ready for birth might feel overwhelming, but the right doula is going to make sure you feel totally ready. With these doulas in Connecticut, you’ll have all the tools you need to make the best decisions for your family! 

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