Mother Luna: Creating a Supportive Community for New CT Moms

Parenthood has a tendency to be a little isolating. You have no energy to get out there and socialize. You barely have the energy to remember to brush your teeth! When you are lacking that sense of support, however, you are at an increased risk of developing a postpartum mood disorder. It’s also common to find yourself feeling overwhelmed. As a motherhood photographer and a mom, I know exactly how important it is to find a community that will support you at every step. If you’re on the search, I would love to introduce you to your new best friends at Mother Luna

About Mother Luna

Mother Luna was founded by Liz Kelly, a mom who knows firsthand how important community is following delivery. After Liz had her first baby, she had a fabulous support group that made her feel heard. Her second child was born with a brain disorder called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, and she soon found herself spending hours in the hospital with compounding postpartum anxiety. Her therapist helped her find a new support group to get through this experience. Liz realized how lucky she had been to find that community, and she wanted to make sure it existed for brand-new moms. She went to work finding experts who could provide advice, encouragement, and, most importantly, unconditional support. 

A young boy lays on a bed snuggling with his smiling newborn sibling and holding hands after meeting mother luna


Mother Luna provides regular events and workshops where you can connect with other moms. You can start out with the group in their prenatal support groups. During these sessions, you will get to chat with other parents and discuss your questions and concerns. The discussions are facilitated by compassionate experts ready to help you out. They offer postpartum planning sessions, including pelvic floor exercises. Following delivery, you can come in for events such as baby sensory circles, parent and baby stroller fitness classes, and playgroup popups. 

A happy infant smiles while being hugged and kissed by mom and dad thanks to mother luna


Beyond their regular sessions, Mother Luna regularly hosts courses that will prepare your body for labor while letting you connect with other expectant parents. Their prenatal yoga sessions are safe for moms in all trimesters. You will be guided through poses while learning helpful breathing techniques and meditations. They offer additional options throughout the classes, including crystal healing, sharing time, and journaling. If you enjoy these sessions, they don’t have to end once your baby is born. The center offers outdoor baby and parent yoga classes where you can bond with your baby while going through moves that will aid your body with postpartum recovery. Both the prenatal and postpartum sessions are led by an experienced yoga therapist. 

You Will Love The Support You Find In The Mother Luna Community

At Mother Luna, you will have the community you need to get you through the early seasons of parenthood. But to help you remember this momentous time, that’s where I come in. As a motherhood photographer, I adore working with parents across the area to make sure they have gorgeous memories of this stage. As a mom myself, I know how hard it can be to just take a second and simply enjoy things. That’s why I offer low-stress sessions that let you bond with your beautiful family. I would love to tell you all about how I work so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to find out more!

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