A Fun-filled Adventure at the Connecticut Children’s Museum

When you have a young child, you know firsthand that you’re raising a little explorer. Whether they’re emptying out toothpaste tubes to conduct an unknown science experiment or getting down in the dirt to discover some new critters, they’re constantly finding new ways to interact with the world around them. What you could use right about now is a space that was designed to stimulate their minds without leaving you with a huge mess to clean up. If that sounds exactly right, let me tell you about one of my family’s favorite places: the Connecticut Children’s Museum. This one-of-a-kind space was created to be a safe space for kids to explore! 

About the Connecticut Children’s Museum

22 Wall Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Since it first opened its doors, the Connecticut Children’s Museum has consistently looked for ways to nurture young families in our region. While they have a children’s museum dedicated to growing young minds, they’re also frequently finding ways to help out in the community. Their Children’s Building works to build up early childhood educators through their consulting business as well as their free workshops. They have also built an urban, nonprofit daycare center where every child can come and learn from a project-based curriculum. The Museum is open every Saturday and is designed for kids ages 3-9.

A mom and dad play with their toddler son and daughter on a wooden bridge while picking wildflowers before visiting the connecticut children's museum

All The Fun And Exploration

The Connecticut Children’s Museum is divided into rooms with different themed exhibits. In each one, you’ll find hands-on activities that encourage your child to interact with the exhibits. In the Musical Room, your child will see murals of instruments and play actual drums. From there, you can move into the Bodily-Kinesthetic Room/Intrapersonal Room, where they can learn about different emotions. This space is also stocked with books where your child can read about their favorite characters. 

Next door is the Logical-Mathematical Room, where your child can work on counting, arrange some simple machines, create a mosaic, and look at the clock display. The Linguistic Room has a life-sized display of the room from Goodnight Moon, while the Spatial Room lets kids see how optical illusions work. The Interpersonal Room lets your child step into a realistic city where they can mail postcards or look over the cityscape. There’s also a Naturalist Room that teaches your child about all the wonders of the Earth.  

A Happy father explores a park picking flowers with his toddler daughter in a pink dress


If your child loves the Connecticut Children’s Museum, you may want to consider planning their birthday party here! You will have the space for 2 hours and be able to invite up to 35 guests or up to 45 with an additional fee. Your child will receive a toy, and there will be staff members to help you out. The museum also offers full museum rentals for events such as craft nights and game parties.  

A happy mom and dad sit in a park with their toddler son and daughter in their laps

Do Not Skip Over The Engaging Exhibits At The Connecticut Children’s Museum

With the Connecticut Children’s Museum, your child will have a space where they can learn without even realizing it! Stop by soon so you can create some wonderful memories! 

If you need more local recommendations, I’m glad you’re here! Not only am I a Connecticut family photographer, but I’m also a mom myself. I’m constantly updating this space to tell you all about my family’s favorite spots. I can also give you information about my portrait sessions so you can decide whether the experience is right for you. Let’s chat soon!

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