Fall family portraits in Connecticut: What to wear

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Unless you happen to be one of those people with an inherent sense of style, figuring out how to dress your family for your fall photos can be stressful.  It can even be one of the roadblocks that prevents you from scheduling a session.  I get it!!!  I am not a super stylish person and honestly mostly wear joggers and t-shirts.  But from photographing so many families over the years, I have a sense of what works, and what to avoid. Here are some tips on what to wear for your fall family portrait session!

What to wear for fall family photos, mom hugging daughter


  1. Moms, pick your own outfit first.  Then build the rest of the family around you.  You’re likely the one with the most variety in your wardrobe (excepting some little girls I know :)), and you know what flatters you.Mom with her three kids wearing greens, blues, and patterns
  2. Don’t get too caught up in browsing perfect family outfits on Pinterest or Instagram.  Many of the photos you see are styled shoots, not real families, and some photographers even offer clothing borrowing services.  I get the appeal, but personally I want to be photographed in something that I would actually wear in my daily life, not a strapless gown that you’d never find me in otherwise!  Some memories are tied up in clothing, so wear outfits that feel familiar, even if they are a little bit less casual than your usual sweatpants ;).What to wear for fall family photos
  3. Think about color more than you normally would when going out to dinner. Try to have a limited number of colors represented among you, but don’t try to match each other, which can feel old-fashioned. (We have a photo in my childhood home in which we are all wearing grey sweaters…very 80s!). Also think about the color in your photo location.  In Connecticut fall, the dominant color is yellow/orange/tan.  Fuschia/bright pink conflict with this, so go for blues/pops of yellow/hunter green instead. Family at beach wearing blues and greens
  4. Last tip for now – layers!  It’s hard to know if the temperatures on your photo session date will be warm or cool, so plan at least one extra layer.  Scarves, vests, cardigans look great in photos. When it starts to feel like winter, wool hats and mittens are so cute!  Invest in some cute boots that you’ll wear all season long.  If the temps are still warm, throw your leather flip flops in the car, too!Sisters wearing grey, white, and boots

Helping you figure out what to wear is fun for me.  I want to help you!  When you sign up for a session, I’ll send you a welcome packet with info on what to wear, and I can help you choose what will look and feel the best. What to wear for fall family photos: neutrals with pop of pink

You can also visit my Pinterest page with what-to-wear inspiration!  If you have questions about what to wear for fall portraits, just get in touch, and I’d be happy to help!

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