What’s the best age for baby photos?

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What's the best age for baby photos? Mom kissing newborn baby's head

If you’re expecting, or have a new little one in your family, congratulations!!!  I am so happy you’re doing some research about hiring a pro photographer.  Documenting this time in your lives is so important, and moms are often not in the frame.  Having a professional take photos of your family will be a gift for you and your little one that will grow in value over time.  What’s the best age for baby photos?  I have photographed many Connecticut babies, and will tell you a bit about my favorite ages for photos.

Newborn baby stretching

Newborn (before 2 weeks of age)

This is the age at which your baby may sleep through the whole photo session.  She or he will be very moldable, and therefore snuggly!  You will likely be able to wrap her in a swaddle and hold her in all different positions for photos.  This can be useful if you would like your older children to hold the new baby in photos.

What's the best age for baby photos?

Happy couple with their newborn baby

I like to try to take these photos about 7-10 days after birth, when possible.  Around 3-6 weeks is a harder age: babies cry more, and many develop temporary baby acne.  So if you’re hoping for a true wrinkly and smushy newborn look, schedule your session while you’re still pregnant. We can always change days as needed depending on when he or she arrives!  Newborn sessions happen in your home, indoors.

Big brother and little baby brother

Early smiling (approximately 3 months of age)

This is an adorable stage because the smiles start to come quickly, and we can take lots of photos of your little one happily gazing at you while lying on his back in the bed, for example.  Older children may be delighted by this development, but it will be harder for them to hold the baby now, as he is bigger and much more wiggly!

Swaddled baby smiling in her sleep

You will also want to plan for a slightly longer session, as he might get hungry mid-session and you never want to keep a hungry baby waiting!  I usually do these sessions indoors in your home, but this is flexible if it is warm outside.  We can talk about what you’re looking for!


Best age for baby photos: baby sitting up on his own

Sitting up (7-8 months of age)

I absolutely love this stage, as babies can be so pleased with themselves for being able to sit on their own.  Plus their hand gestures are often adorable!  In my opinion, this is the best age for baby photos that aren’t newborn photos.  At this stage we can do the session outside if you’d like, as long as it isn’t too cold.  I also often hold these sessions in your home.


If you have other children, they can sit behind baby for a really snuggly look, but won’t be responsible for actually holding baby up.  This works well if your older children are quite young.

Toddler standing on a Connecticut path

A stage to avoid!  First walkers!

I have noticed that little beings transitioning from baby to toddler become absolutely obsessed with practicing to walk.  This isn’t an ideal age for photos, as they will spend a lot of the time looking at their feet.  They may also be completely uninterested in snuggles or being picked up.  So try to schedule your session before they reach this stage (to be safe, younger than 11 months).  After a few months of this practicing phase, most will be back to enjoying snuggles and being carried, and it’ll be a great time for family photos again!

Best age for baby photos: mom holding little toes


A little note about babies with special needs – I know I have focused on typical development here, and not every little human follows this schedule!  I don’t go into any photo session with preset expectations.  If you’d like to chat about your baby’s unique development and how a photo session might be timed for you, I would love to – just send me an email through my website or email me at stephanie.anestis@gmail.com!

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