Mom tips for photo sessions

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Mom with kids on grass

Preparing for your professional photo session can sometimes feel daunting.  Here are my tips to help take the stress out of planning!

  1. Plan outfits a week in advance, then don’t let anyone wear those clothes until the session 🙂  Don’t forget about shoes!  My kids always wear sneakers, so if I want them wearing something a little dressier for photos, I have to plan ahead.Mom and son sitting on beach
  2. Don’t fret about behavior – just fill their bellies.  I’m in charge of making sure your kids have fun with our session.  But I have seen hunger-related crankiness more than once, so feed them before you come!Mom holding and playing with son
  3. During your session, cuddle & snuggle your kiddos at every opportunity – more than you normally would.  These photos are the BEST, plus shy kids will feel even more secure if you’re physically there for them.Baby sucking thumb
  4. During your session, SMILE even more than usual!  This will let your kids know that this is meant to be fun.  They will likely smile more too, without anyone having to say so!Mom sitting with son on log
  5. Let me drive the bus.  I have photographed hundreds of families, so don’t worry about details like where you should sit, or what to do next.  I will take care of everything.  Just smile, snuggle, and have fun with it!

I hope these mom tips for photo sessions put your mind at ease a little bit.  I’m looking forward to meeting you!  And if you have any more questions, I’m always here to answer them.



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