Motherhood Mini Sessions April 22, 2023!

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I’m offering Motherhood Mini Sessions this April 22 for the first time, and I’m so excited!  I am a photographer primarily because I want to help people remember.  Remember moments, remember gestures, remember how things felt when your children were young.

Mom holding young son


Sometimes when I look at photos of my kids when they were little, it’s like they are different beings altogether from the kids I know now.  But when I look at photos with me in them too, all kinds of feelings come rushing back.

Mom hugging teen daughter

I remember how wriggly Max always was, and I remember how Zander would beam when he told a joke.  I can close my eyes and feel how they each were in my arms.  Photos give me the power to do that.

Mom with son on lap

You can find out more about these little mini sessions here.  Give this gift to yourself.  I promise you’ll never regret it!

Mom hugging teenage daughter


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