Should I wear neutral colors for my photo session?

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Does your family love color?  Are your closets bursting with vibrant hues and non-neutral tones?  Then wear those colors for your photo session!  I think it is so important to feel like your photos represent you as a family.  It is easy to get caught up in the Pinterest and Instagram all-white photo craze, but this is a phase.  If you do wear neutral colors a lot, then great – I think that looks lovely in photos!  But if that’s not who you are, the last thing you want is to adorn your walls with photos of clothing you ONLY wore for your session.  This will feel false to you – both now and in the future.  Here’s an example of a family who always dresses with fantastic colors in their sessions, and I think it matches the joy and exuberance of the kids perfectly.

Connecticut family wearing vibrant colors



Notice how they have not mixed pastels with vibrant colors – they went with vibrant only.  I think that’s important, because you do not want the clothing to clash.  But try not to match too much, either!  If you’re all wearing the same TWO colors, it will be very noticeable.  And what we want is for your clothing to help support the photo story being told, not to detract from it.  We want future you to look straight at your children’s young faces, not their outfits.  So to answer the question – should I wear neutral colors for my photo session?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Wear what feels like you.  And if you need any help, I’m always here to give clothing advice, as I know it can feel overwhelming!

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